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Veringue - noun
Plural - Veringue or Veringues


Pronunciation - /veˈran/ (it's like meringue but with a 'v')

A Veringue is a new plant-based meringue made with plant proteins instead of eggs, with the advantage of having little or no aftertaste sometimes associated with those made with aquafaba (chickpea water).

Veringues are used as a component for cakes and desserts such as Pavlova, Eton Mess and Veringue macarons or enjoyed on their own.

The word Veringue became effective on 21st July 2021 and is a registered trademark for Pretty Pink Potato, the makers of these little plant based delights.

These Veringue are so light and delicious, I cannot believe they are vegan. Shall we use Veringues for your wedding cake?

What is your favourite veringue flavour?

(Sourced from Urban Dictionary)

Sunday Veringue® Desserts

For your end-of-week, guilt-free indulgence.
Simple choices create better solutions for the planet and all living things.

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(900ml / 32oz)


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(682ml / 24oz)


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(341ml / 12 oz).



More Delicious Recipes

Veringue® Macarons

Veringue® Macarons

Veringue® macarons are so simple and quick to prepare. Easily worthy of formal occasions & impressive for casual gatherings.



  • Vanilla Veringue®

  • Whipped Plant-Based Cream

  • Melted Oat Milk Chocolate 


Dip Veringue in melted chocolate, or drizzle chocolate on Veringues for the extra fun. Insure chocolate isn't too hot.

Chill in fridge until chocolate has hardened.

Sandwich together two Veringues with the plant-based whipped cream. 

For decoration and a pop of colour garnish with mint leaves.

For a Little Extra:

Squeeze juice from mint leaves in the cream for a lush light green filling.

Veringue® Pavlova 

Here's a quick dessert that never fails to impress. Dig in and indulge in the goodness. 


  • Vanilla Veringu

  • Whipped Plant-Based Cream

  • Fresh Fruit or Berry Compote


Layer Veringues, plant-based whipped cream, and fresh fruit. If you are making a compote, insure it has cooled.

To make the Berry Compote simmer your preferred fruit, sugar, and lemon juice until thickened. Its consistency will thicken further as you allow it to cool. 

But eat up soon!

Best consumed within an hour of making.

Extra Tips:

Adding lemon zest in the plant-based whipped cream will balance the sweet with the tangy flavours - Chef's kiss!

A little cornflour helps thicken compote if required. 

Pavlova Veringue® Recipe

Share Your Creations

We'd love to invite you to add to Pretty Pink Potato's Recipes.

Share your Veringue® creation on social media and tag us on the post to be in to win a 10% Discount on your next order!


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