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Delicate Veringue® Dessert layered with plant-based whipped cream, your choice of seasonal fruit, and Veringue® made with Organic Madagascan Vanilla Bean.

Best consumed within 1 hour of delivery.

Veringue® Sunday Desserts

SKU: 900557564
PriceFrom £5.50
Excluding VAT
  • Our Veringues are made with a fine blend of innovative non-GMO potato proteins & starches.


    Enjoy on their own or use as a component for puddings, cakes & desserts such as Pavlova, Eton Mess, or your own creation.


    Made with:

    Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean Pod Powder.


    Our packaging is compostable plant based cellulose certified to the European (EN13432) norm for Industrially compostable packaging.


    Once open store in an airtight container.


    Although this product has a long shelf they are at their best consumed when fresh or within 1 month of purchase. The taste is not affected when kept stored as suggested but the texture can become more brittle over time.



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